glace 66-74

A complete range of ice cream products dedicated to the production of the “Italian Gelato”. Developed with raw materials of the best quality, perfect for producing a series of unctuous and very well structured flavors.

Different bases and great qualities to make ice creams or sorbets.

Other bases will conquer the palate of gourmets with the range “Gourmet” and even the most reluctant caring about their lines with the range “Light”.

Pasta “Grand Gourmet” and “Fruits” that will naturally perfume your neutral bases and give flavor and give consistency to your ice cream.

“Trends” pastas are also available to get your gelateria out of the box and differentiate themselves from their competitors with the best flavors that combine taste and authenticity.

Variegati will made your ice cream different and give it a better texture. A topping range is also available in the Montebianco selection.