chocolat 4-22

A full range of chocolates to find the perfect product for your creations.

Dark chocolate, milk and white with different contents in percentage of cocoa, sticks bakers, cocoa butter or cocoa crane …

Our professional range offers a wide variety for a daily work with ease of use and a total regularity.

  • A high-end offer for the most demanding customers. For a better font, the 4 top-of-the-range references are available on 1 cm shuffleboard.
  • A range with frank and marked aromatic profiles for customers wishing to enhance their creations.
  • A range adapted to customers looking for ease of use, regularity and a measured price offer.

  • Cocoa powder

A high quality product 10-12 and 20-22 obtained after roasting cocoa beans for very different use.

  • Cocoa butter

A high quality vegetable fat obtained by the pressure of cocoa beans. A perfect crystallization, a neutral taste and an ivory color characterize this product.

Chocolates stick is one of the indispensable products for all Viennese in the world for the creation of good breads with chocolates.

Glazing pastes are a mixture of cocoa powder, sugars and dairy ingredients, finely ground and dispersed in a phase of vegetable fat.

Other products are available in our range as chocolate decorations for the holidays and other chocolate coffee beans …